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Bayteck Fire cc is a fire protection company specializing in Fire protection including fire sprinkler systems, fire sprinklers, fire detection, fire detection systems, smoke detection, fire alarm systems as well as:

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Installations
  • Fire Hydrant and Hose Reel Reticulation
  • Deluge Water Spray Systems
  • Fire / Smoke Detection and Alarms Systems
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Gas flooding systems
  • Fire Water Supply Pumping Plant and Storage Tanks
  • Fire Stopping
  • Maintenance of existing fire protection systems

Protected Risks:

  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Storage & warehousing
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Process & manufacturing
  • Petrochemical

Our services offered include the following:

  • Survey & Preparation of reports
  • Water Supply Flow & Pressure Testing
  • Initial Planning, Consulting & Cost Estimating
  • Design & Preparation of Fabrication & Installation Plans ( C.A.D. )
  • Fabrication & Installation
  • Project Management, Administration & Commissioning
  • Servicing & Maintenance

Bayteck Fire cc is approved and listed by the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (A.S.I.B.) as a Provisional Installer. This assists in protecting the clients interests in that an A.S.I.B. listed company will comply with proven standards and the latest developments in fire protection design. An inspection of our completed installation will be carried out by the A.S.I.B., which is mandatory in terms of the installers listing.

Furthermore, installations will comply with the relevant South African Bureau of Standards Code of Practice for Fire Protection, where applicable. Installations can also be designed to codes such as N.F.P.A. (USA), F.M. and F.O.C. (UK) should that be required.

Approvals and ratings:

ASIB – supervisory installers - 
NOSA – 5 star rating – 
Fire Detection Installers Association – 
Ardent BEE rating Level 2 SANAS Approved -

If you would like to find out more about our fire protection and fire detection services, Contact Us on 0860 770 770.

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