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We at Bayteck Training (Pty) Ltd. provide training for future trainers in full EDTP SETA training courses as a full learnership or as three stand alone unit standards.  

Conduct Moderation of Outcome Based Assessment

SAQA Unit Standard 115759.

Purpose: It is for people who conduct internal or external moderation of outcome based assessments. This unit standard will contribute towards the achievement of a variety of qualifications. Partiqiculary within the field of education and training.

Course Conents:
  • Demonstarate an understanding of moderation within the context of an outcome based assessment.
  • Plan and prepare for moderation
  • Conduct moderation
  • Advise and support assessors
  • Report, Record and administer moderation
  • Review moderation systems and processes

This course must follow facilitator and assessor courses. 

Duration: 3 days. 

Conduct Outcome Based Assessment

SAQA Unit Standard 115753.

Purpose: It is for those who assess peopel for their achievement of learning outcomes in terms of specified criteria using pre-designed assessment instruments. The outcomes and criteria may be defined in a range of documents.  

Course Contents:
  • Prepare for assessment
  • Conduct assessment
  • Provide feedback on assessment
  • Review assessment

This course must follow the facilication skills course. 

Duration: 3 Days 

Facilitation Skills (Train-the-Trainer)

SAQA unit standard 117871. 

Purpose: It will provide recognition for those who facilitate or those who intent to facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies. Formal recognition will enhance their employability and also provide a means to identify competent learning facilitators. 

Course Content: 
  • Plan and prepare for facilitation
  • Facilitate learning
  • Evaluate learning and facilitation

This will involve theoretical and practical assessment. 

Duration: 5 days